Stone Logistics INC. can provide a wide variety of different services to our clients. We are a company that can offer everything you need in the logistics, supply chain, and transportation management field and will get your valuable merchandise where it needs to go in a timely manner. Because we are familiar with every type of service available in this industry, our staff of experienced and well trained transportation professionals will sit down with you and help to design or configure the best solution for your company. Our customers come first. We strive to assure that you our respected clients receive excellent service and are kept informed and up to date at every step of each process.

We provide: LTL which means less than truckload, Partial and full truckload services, Air, Rail, Flatbed, Overweight, and Oversized load services within, and between the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our office may be based inForest Park, Illinois, but our company reach is not only in the surrounding area. We are where you need us to be. If you need your package, be it big or small, to be somewhere special, just let us know. We will work with you to ensure it is there safe, damage free and on time to the destination you require.

Vans and Refers
Sometime using a Van or Refer is the best option for moving your product. At Stone Logistics Inc., we offer vans in a variety of sizes, including, but not limited to 48' and 53' x 102" wide and 110" high dry vans. We also offer space saver refrigeration units in 48' and 53'. There are many advantages to using vans and refers for your distribution needs. Using our van and refer service, our customers can benefit from point-to-point routing, round trip routes, and partial truckloads. Because we are often able to move multiple clients products in a single truckload, the cost savings is passed down to our clients, ultimately saving your and you company money. Van and Refer service is available within the continental USA, Canada, and Mexico. If you would like to know more about Vans or Refers please feel free to contact us.

Rail Services
Rail transportation is fast, reliable, and safe. At Stone Logistics INC., we offer ramp to ramp, and ramp to door services in a variety of container sizes, including but not limited to 20', 40', and 53' containers with temperature control.

Ramp to Ramp transportation requires the product to be delivered to the place of departure, and then picked up at its destination railway station. Alternatively, ramp to door transportation requires the product to be delivered to the departure station, but it is delivered to its final destination and does not need to be picked up at the station. For many clients, this is the optimal delivery option because of the convenience. Using a rail service, ensures that your cargo arrives at its destination quickly and in tip-top condition. Because of the wide variety of container sizes, rail service is ideal for both large, and small shipments. If you are interesting in using rail services give us a call or come in and discuss it with our trained staff.

Air Freight
If you need a product to move quickly air freight can be the best choice. For example if you have a high priority prototype being fired for the first time in one state and need it in another state the next morning for a meeting you can rest assured that Stone Logistics Inc. will have it at your door step ready for your meeting. The product is picked up and taken to the airport and then at the destination a courier is waiting to retrieve you package and deliver it directly to your meeting. Rest assured that we understand your urgency and will act accordingly to meet your important deadlines.

For clients with products that need to go overseas, we offer a fast-as-air service. This includes emergency and same-day small package air services, and expedited ground services using a third party, International air freight company. Although a third party company is used, we take care of the logistics and provide our clients with the same great service, and peace of mind, knowing that their products will be taken care of. Should air freight be your desired mode of shipment just notify us and we will get it set up for you.